Our story starts with…

A New Baby

The birth of our baby girl! and a dream to build a healthy low maintenance home - a place where she can freely connect with nature, experience unspoilt Australia away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney city life.

Building A Home

We discovered an authentic little beach town called Callala Beach in Jervis Bay. Little did we know the bay is a protected marine park, actually FAMOUS and has “the whitest” sand beaches in the world!! Just a stone’s throw to the beach, we stumbled across a flat block of land for sale, perfect for the new build, except for one thing, which really mattered….The site was mostly shrubs and tall grasses however with a lone scribbly gum tree located in the middle of the block. But that's what became our inspiration.…to respectfully maintain the tree and design our new home around it.

Working with the Community Supporting Local

As designers, with creativity running through our veins and numerous sketches on paper, it wasn't long before the C-shaped tree house was born. A simple open floor plan branching out across the first floor, an evolving building that, in Glenn Murcutt’s words, “touches the earth lightly”.

From blackbutt timber flooring and decking to locally sourced reclaimed western red cedar for cladding, this house was designed to be sympathetic to its natural bush and beach environment.

Family & Friends Holiday Home

Many health and well-being features were incorporated including an abundance of natural light, space and fresh air, feng shui elements and visuals from every room to the precious scribbly gum tree and Aussie great outdoors. Also sustainable materials, double-glazed windows and sliding doors, and clever cross-breeze ventilation to take advantage of what nature has to offer, for free!

Design Challenge

We knew at the time we were taking a risk in this new land subdivision, offering a simple yet modern designed home to set the scene in an area the locals thought would never take off. So we entered the project in a national competition to really test our creative design skills, and were thrilled when Hazelwood Beach House was awarded Best Use of Western Red Cedar category in the 2009 Australian Timber Design Awards featured in many magazines as well as "Australia's Best Beach Houses" book (2011). It's a unique and truly healthy home located in a pristine and unspoilt environment, Callala Beach in Jervis Bay. Oh, and just quietly, we later designed over a dozen new homes in Callala bringing great value to the owners over the last property cycle!

The Sharing Economy

So here we are, now in 2019, & the story continues as we welcome our new holiday home accommodation “Booderee - Bay of Plenty”. We worked on many design options to determine which one would be best suited economically but would also bring the best outcome for the community. This new bush & beach lifestyle property consists of two adjacent townhouses where we can welcome YOU, and host up to 12 of your favourite guests.

The design focus for this project was durability, interior space maximisation, the use of environmentally friendly, renewable and recyclable materials for furniture, and incorporating warm welcoming natural colours such as midnight blue, bush green and earth tones.

Visitors who choose to stay at Booderee Townhouses can experience first hand good space and passive design, a healthy holiday home built with relaxation, simplicity and affordability in mind that’s comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

For us, as owners, it can serve many purposes over its lifetime. We worked closely for twelve months with local builder Hotondo Homes South Coast and look forward to working on more exciting local projects together!

A Designer Life

Design & build projects such as this are NEVER easy (all great things take time and a lot of hard work!!) especially when your passion lies in designing attractive affordable homes. Our road-trips from Sydney to the South Coast however & the experiences & friends we’ve made over the years have never been anything but FUN! We hope we are setting a good example for others - Live Your Dreams, Do More with Less and Give Back to the Community where You Can.

Who knows what the next 10 years will bring, but in the meantime if you’re considering a design and build project we’d love to help. Or if you simply want to Relax, Explore and Experience our property we’d love to personally host you…


Vesna, Rick and Nadia xo